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Lancaster comeback ends Cicero-North Syracuse season in Class AA football semifinal
Author: Nolan Weidner
Trailing Cicero-North Syracuse 14-6 early in the third quarter, Lancaster pulled out a not-so-secret weapon.   As he does at some point in every game, six-foot, 220-pound middle linebacker and offensive lineman Joe Andreessen beg
C-NS football star overcomes injury to play bigger than his size: 'I don’t want people to take me as a joke'
Author: Lindsay Kramer
Any opponent who has tried to tackle Cicero-North Syracuse running back Erik Pride this season would find it hard to believe that there was a time recently when he was pretty easy to bring to the ground.  There's a very large catch to this truth
C-NS turns on jets, crushes Elmira, 57-14, to earn spot in Class AA football state semifinals
Author: Nolan Weidner
Endicott -- It's hard to believe that Cicero-North Syracuse actually trailed in this one. The Northstars fell behind by a touchdown before grabbing this game by the throat en route to a 57-14 victory over Elmira in a state Class AA quarter