Football Mania Instructions


FootballMania Instructions and Player Prize Options


Player Prizes - Sell 10 tickets =T-shirt, Sell 20 Tickets = Bookbag, Sell 40 tickets = Jacket  

All of the prizes come withthe CNS Football Logo.  Jacket comes withplayer name and # as well




1)Each ticket sells for $20.00


2)Top of game card goes to the buyer and the stub and money are turned into thebooster club


3)Use the envelope provided to return money and stubs - write your name and levelon the

envelopeso you get credit for the ticket sales.


4)All players must sell a minimum of 10 tickets. You can sell more and are encouraged to do so. 


5) All ticket stubs andmoney MUST be turned in by September 7th, 2017


6)The $20.00 the ticket sells for is to purchase $30 worth of music from CharityStudios. 


7)Each card also comes with a 17 week Sweepstakes where the buyer of the ticketcan win



8)Each ticket can win multiple weeks. 


9)The top 8 scores and the bottom 3 scores each week win anywhere from $25 to$400.


10)Scores are tallied by the three teams the cardholder has for that week. 


11)Each teams scores are added together to create the cardholders score. 

ex:Seattle = 28, Dallas = 7, Washington = 35. So the total score is 70 for that week. If that is one of the 8 highest or 3 lowest then that ticket wins thatweek. 


12)Every cardholder gets three different teams each week. 


13)You can sell tickets online as well to out-of-town family and friends. 


14)Go to our website: and click on "Football Mania- BuyeTickets" and then follow the instructions from there. 


15)Anyone that wants to use a credit card to purchase tickets can go to the onlinesite as well. 


16)We mail winners their checks every Tuesday during the football season


17)To check and see if a ticket is a winner simply go to our website and click"Football Mania - Check Winning Tickets" and then type in the ticketnumber. 


Important Documents:

  • Farone & Son Funeral Home
  • Fulton Savings Bank
  • Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists
  • CNS Football Booster Club, inc.
  • Donofrio's Body & Paint Shop
  • ESTA Safety Park Dragstrip
  • Spera's Meat Deli & Grocery, Inc.
  • Pathfinder Bank
  • Haylor, Freyer & Coon
  • Northern Pines of Cicero
  • Riccelli - Northern Mix
  • Cobblestone Square Apartments
  • Northside Collision
  • Riccelli Enterprises
  • East Syracuse Chevy
  • Adpro Sports
  • Porter Law Office
  • Syracuse Fitness Store
  • Julie's Diner
  • The Kids Dentist, P.C.
  • Senke CNY Garage Door
  • Sacred Heart of Cicero
  • Monroe Tractor
  • Sport Clips
  • NY Heart Center
  • Frank R. Davies D.D.S., P.C.
  • Burdick Toyota
  • Burdick Lexus
  • North Syracuse Education Foundation